Spurs 2-1 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game, the 9-man Reds lost to the Spurs last night.

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The Spurs won at home against Liverpool 2-1 with a winning goal in the last minute of injury time from Joel Matip’s own goal. Grabbing 3 important points and rising to second place in the league at present.

Spurs 2-1 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game, the 9-man Reds lost to the Spurs last night.

The first red card is understandable.

The game was only 26 minutes into the game and the first problem quickly arose. When a foul by Curtis Jones launched a stomp on Pap Sarr’s shin that Simon Hooper had initially called for. Yellow card, but after looking at it, VAR changed it to a red card and sent him off the field. Which is sympathetic because it was the moment when Jones himself stepped on the ball. Before slipping down to hit the Spurs player, but it was still understandable because it was violent and if it were to be a red card, it wouldn’t be ugly.

Diaz’s goal was the big deal.

Shortly after Jones’ red card, there was a moment when it was believed that Liverpool fans would be most annoyed with Luis Diaz slipping in and shooting past Vicario into the goal. As the referee is known to have flagged as “a mistake”. The ball was offside, but… after watching the slow motion in the live camera angle No matter how you look at it, it’s definitely not cutting edge. Which is bad in that there was no VAR check, no protests or running to see the screen. 

And what is most hurtful is that there is not even a line drawn to prove transparency. It has become that football fans have to draw the line among themselves. The question mark of what purpose is VAR if there is such blatant dissatisfaction. The ยูฟ่าเบท type that in the end, football fans have to capture pictures of the lines to prove to each other, all over the internet like this.

Two red cards cannot be blamed on anyone.

The second half didn’t start until the newly arrived substitute. Diogo Jota was replaced by Cody Gakpo at half time, probably played a little too chill. Cutting off the fun of the game until he received two yellow cards in a row. Just 1 minute of time that clearly cut the game off without hitting the ball at all both times. Of course, that left the Reds with 9 players remaining for the final 20 minutes. Which was the first time in over ten years. The last time they had two people sent off in one game was back in September 2011 when Charlie Adams and Martin Skrtel were sent red cards in a game that the Raiders lost. The same goes for the golden spur chicken.