Rice reveals Moyes has helped him improve a lot.

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West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice has thanked David Moyes for helping him to perform better and keep improving. David Moyes expecting Declan Rice to do. The performance is always better than before.

A surplus for Chelsea as a youth, Declan Rice has already elevated himself to a key player at West Ham United. It has now attracted interest from many of the top teams in the England Premier League especially. Chelsea are trying to bring Declan Rice back to the team again. In addition, there is also Manchester United are ready to bring Declan Rice to join the team all the time. Even if they have to spend money. A huge amount for West Ham United.

Of course, West Ham United do not want to let key player Declan Rice leave the team. West Ham United have been upgraded to the top of the English Premier League. So there is no need. To have to release important players from the team, despite interesting offers to consider, which Declan Rice thanked David Moyes for helping him to perform better than before and to develop. myself at all times as well

“David Moyes has always set expectations for every player in the UFABET team and tells the truth to the players in the team that they are not performing very well in order for the players to improve even more. At first we were just a team trying to escape relegation. But now we are already leveled into the top of the English Premier League. Thanks to David Moyes for helping us get to this point. It has been achieved, and we still have an important goal that is only to be able to win the championship.”