Review of Candy Dreams game from MICROGAMING camp with recommended techniques

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The slot game that we introduce today is Candy Dream, another new game. That is becoming very popular in the MICROGAMING camp , which I can say that. People who like to play puzzle games or diamond swap games already. Don’t miss it. The game is designed to suit all ages. Along with ease of play. Even if it’s a newbie who has never played before was able to bet as well However, if you want to know how interesting the review of the Candy Dreams game is. Today we will take you all to see each other in detail.

Candy Dreams, a new game from MICROGAMING camp, easy to play, pay a lot


Like I said, the Microgaming company, a popular slot game camp. is just launching the latest slot games For everyone to play together with the name Candy Dream game Of course, the game is similar to A game that many people play very popular on mobile phones.  Plus wanting to make a game out so that everyone can play anytime, anywhere

which comes with Massive winning lines So don’t be afraid that you won’t get your money back. because from trying I can tell you that every spin. There is a chance to earn money every round. In addition to that, there is also a huge bonus of up to 500 times. and if you are looking for a cute game to play relax And also get money to use again. This game is considered another option. That’s quite interesting. And in the game there will be something more interesting. Let’s see.

Winning lines and symbols in the Candy Dream game

  • For the game that we introduced it. There are 720 line pay formats. That means that All players are able to beat line pay easier than ever Besides that. This game is also guaranteed that It is a slot game with winning lines. The most of the microgaming camp as well
  • As for the symbols in this game, there are as many as 12 patterns, each of which will have different payout rates including various conditions not the same which we have compiled everything for you to read as followsmicro
    – Scatter is a special symbol. If this symbol appears on the reels 3-5 or more, the game will lead you to The Candy Planet Bonus game for a chance to win a huge amount of bonuses.
    – Free Spin, if you spin 3 – 5 images of this symbol, you will get 12 free spins and payout rate 1x, 10x and 100x respectively. Which is considered a huge bonus. And very interesting as well
    – Wilds, another special symbol. That can be substituted for all symbols except for special symbols And most importantly. If you can open 3-5 images, you will also receive extra money. The payout ratio for 3 shots is 75x, 4x 175x and 5x 500x.MICROGAMING
    – red candy symbol The payout rate is 3 shots 50, 4 shots 125 and 5 shots 400
    – the orange candy symbol. The payout rate is 3 images 30, 4 images 75 and 5 images 300
    – green candy symbol. There are payouts at 3 shots 20, 4 shots 50 and 5 shots 250
    – the blue candy symbol. Payouts are 3 images 15 , 4 images 40 and 5 images 150
    – red candy symbols. The payout rates are 3 images 10 , 4 images 30 and 5 images 100
    – orange candy symbols. Payouts are 3 images 5 , 4 images 25 and 5 images 75
    – green candy symbols. The payout is 3 shots 3 , 4 shots 20 and 5 shots 50
    – the blue candy symbol. Payouts are 3 shots 3 , 4 shots 20 and 5 shots 50
    – purple candy symbols. Payout rates at 3 Pics 2 , 4 Pics 15 and 5 Pics 40

How to bet Candy Dream Slot Game

Candy Dreams
  • The first thing to do is To log in to the system. at the website in order to go to the main page of bets
  • Once logged in, log in successfully. then choose to Slot Games Category > Choose a Microgaming Provider and select the game you want to play The game that we recommend today is. Candy Dream Slot Games
Candy Dream
  • and when pressed into the game You will see a window showing 5 reels along with a button to adjust the amount bet on the left side. and press the button to spin the right side
  • Select the amount you want to bet and press the Spin button to start playing. which if defeating line pay will receive bets which pay rate It depends on what the symbol is.

Recommended techniques for playing

Many people think that playing slots games There is no formula to make money easier. But today we have a recipe to recommend. This may not guarantee that you will get 100% money. But it is considered a way to make it easier for everyone to play.

  • First of all, choose the lowest bet amount. in which this game starts betting with an amount of 5 baht
  • Try to stay with the game as long as possible. Because usually how the bonus will be broken It usually takes a while. So then have to stay with the game as long as possible.
  • set investment goals Do not exceed the specified budget.

All of these are games that we review. We sincerely hope that Everyone will have fun and enjoy playing slots more than ever. Besides that the microgaming camp There are also other games. There are many more to choose from UFABET.