“Lampard” urges Chelsea players to bring confidence to face Madrid in the UCL

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Let’s go! Frank Lampard, the boss of the army of “Sing Bulls” encourages Chelsea footballers. Let’s play with confidence in the game against Real Madrid in UEFA football. Champions League Even when going out to visit

UEFA Cup Champions League The quarterfinals on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at the “Sing Bulls” team, Chelsea, the famous club of the English Premier League, will have to visit the UFABET team. “White King” Real Madrid, a giant club of Spanish La Liga football in the first match in Madrid, Spain.

"Lampard" urges Chelsea players to bring confidence to face Madrid in the UCL

Before the game, football pundits saw that Real Madrid seemed to be very competitive, both playing at home. and current playing form In addition, the coach of the team seems to have more experience in managing a team at this level. Although both teams are the same big team. And statistics in meetings in this list, Chelsea will only lose one match out of 4 games.

Chelsea team interim manager Frank Lampard has revealed that In this game, we have met some of the best teams in football, we have to try to do our best. On such a good occasion We have to play with confidence and put our best effort into doing our best. And if anyone feels confident, they don’t have to come at all. I don’t mind.”

“Right now we are only interested in the game against Madrid in the Champions League. And I don’t want anyone to compare with the era Roberto Di Mitteo led the team to win this program. Although everyone would like to see it happen again. But it’s a difficult thing to do. We can only play our best and do our best,” said Frank Lampard.