Hasenhuttl is delighted to see Chelsea in a bad time.

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Southampton’s Austrian manager Ralph Hasenhuttl was delighted to see Chelsea in their bad days ahead of their clash with Southampton. But knows they will only stay with Chelsea. not long

Despite having to face a heavy pressure situation, Chelsea’s performance is still excellent with a continuous win and a chance to win a ticket to the UEFA Champions League as well, which is against Brent. Ford was unlikely to be a difficult task for Chelsea and Chelsea scored first from Antonio Rudiger, but then it was Brentford who scored four goals in a row before turning around. Came back to win in an unexpected way, plus Chelsea was immediately in a difficult situation.

Continuing on to the midweek match, Chelsea will face Real Madrid in the Champions League and with the slightest mistake the Blues faced an immediate defeat at the weekend. It faces Southampton who are also in need of a win, with Ralph Hasenhuttl pleased to see Chelsea in their bad time and hopes Southampton will take full advantage of that moment. This will be with Chelsea soon.

“It seems like a defeat to Brentford has a huge impact on their confidence and to see them in such a bad situation is good for us but the problem is moments like this UFABET . It won’t be long at Chelsea and we will have to make the most of this moment for us.”