First addition! “Toffee” launches “Young” to join the army on a one-year contract

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Ashley Young is Everton’s first signing of the summer with a contract until 2024, with the 38-year-old veteran defender joining boss Sean Dyche. is an important factor that makes the decision to join the army

English Premier League side Everton have announced the signing of veteran full-back Ashley Young to Goodison Park on a free transfer. On Thursday, July 13, after the player’s contract with Aston Villa, league rivals. At the end of June, he signed a short-term contract for one year or until June 2024.

First addition! "Toffee" launches "Young" to join the army on a one-year contract

38-year-old support line, despite being very old But the physical condition is still good. Causing the attention of many clubs in the ทางเข้า ufabet Premier League. The Championship and other teams in the European leagues. But you choose to negotiate with blue toffee. Until it was concluded at the beginning of the week and had already undergone a physical examination. Before becoming a new member of the local team Merseyside

The former Manchester United star  has reunited with Candy manager Sean Dyce, who captained his side at the start of his career at Watford, saying: “The manager played a big part in my signing. I know him and know what his passion and desire are. his honesty willingness to work hard and the appetite for the game is second to none.”

Everton have struggled a lot over the past two seasons. To escape from relegation and extend the time of playing in the top league in the elite country for 70 years, it is expected that this may happen again next season. Because the club was in serious financial trouble. due to new stadium construction and financial regulations

“I know things haven’t been going very well for Everton in the last few seasons. But the ambition of the manager Talking to him and hearing what he wants to do to change the club. It was an important factor in my decision making. Another thing is the size of the team. This is a huge club and has one of the best fan bases. I can’t wait to start the new season. And walking down Goodison Park is an incredible feeling. And heard the fans who are crazy supporting me. Dice ‘s first addition this summer, added.