Firmino opened his heart for the first time after confirming that he had to leave Anfield.

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I was shocked! Roberto Firmino, the samba striker of the “Reds”, opened his heart to admit that he had to say goodbye to his beloved club at the end of this season. Point out that I don’t want to say much to make it emotional. which is a wonderful legacy and a great history of its own.

From Roberto Firmino, the Brazilian national team striker of the “Reds” Liverpool, the English Premier League giants, is out of contract at the end of this UFABET season. After playing football with the team for up to 8 years, since it has been confirmed that there will be no contract extension with the latest team, Roberto Firmino has come out for the first time.

Firmino opened his heart for the first time after confirming that he had to leave Anfield.

Roberto Firmino just scored a goal to help Liverpool drew 2-2 with Arsenal at the top of the English Premier League last weekend. gave an interview to reporters that “Not talking about leaving Anfield after this season. Because I don’t want to feel emotionally disturbed. So I don’t want to say much. Because playing for Liverpool This is a wonderful thing, it is a very big heritage and history.”

“Playing with this club i am very happy until having to thank God for things that we have created with this club. Which is considered a new experience for me who have never encountered this much. Before I have been praying to God to protect me. And help me to develop myself continuously. Which I work hard to be ready to go on the field all the time.

“Now I will fight with my teammates to the best of my abilities. Until the end of the season I want to leave with a happy atmosphere with my teammates.” The Brazilian striker. say goodbye

The 31-year-old Roberto Firmino has been with Liverpool since 2015. Having made 250 appearances for the team in the league, scoring 80 goals. He has played 55 games for his home country and scored 17 goals.