Emerson reveals teams are starting to focus on Diaz

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Ex-Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has revealed that Luis Diaz has become a “dangerous player”. The clubs are now increasingly eyeing him with his performance in a wonderful field.

After bursting into good form with Porto, it was Liverpool who successfully recruited Luis Diaz to join the team to replace Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, who had to return to their home country. Born to play in the African Nations Cup and the arrival of Luis Diaz was a good replacement for the missing position despite Sadio Mane and Mojahe. Med Salah is set to return to Liverpool. But Luis Diaz is ready to race for a place in Liverpool’s starting line-up.

In addition, in the final of the Carabao Cup. It was Luis Diaz who was given the opportunity to start the field. His performance on the field was considered excellent. Although he did not play until the end of the game. But Luis Diaz helped Liverpool win the Carabao Cup. Paul Merson warning Liverpool that Luis Diaz has become a player who is more watched. The freedom to play should definitely be reduced a lot. Because many UFABET teams are starting to be more careful with Luis Diaz.

“Louis Diaz did a great job with Liverpool and it seemed that at the beginning of the transfer nobody was watching, it made Luis Diaz stand out even more, but after this Luis Diaz will have less autonomy as teams are starting to watch, and dealing with Liverpool’s attack is not an easy task with Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Dio. Koh Jota and another Luis Diaz.”