Dias is out for weeks after injury.

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Manchester City’s Portuguese defender Ruben Dias has been ruled out for Manchester City. After suffering a hamstring injury and will be out for around six weeks.

Manchester City have made the decision to bring in Benfica’s Ruben Dias in hopes of improving the team’s defense. Ruben Dias has helped Manchester’s defense. City are much stronger than before. The first season that moved was able to lead Manchester City to win the English Premier League immediately. Almost won the UEFA Champions League as well. But unfortunately lost to Chelsea. C in the final of the UEFA Champions League

Continuing into the 2021/22 season, Manchester City’s performance is still excellent. It has a chance to win the English Premier League as well, with Ruben Dias still standing as the main character of Manchester. City remain the same, but most recently Manchester City have faced bad news with Ruben Dias out for up to six weeks after suffering a hamstring injury and the possibility of missing out on the Champions League clash. with Sporting Lisbon, with Pep Guardiola giving an interview that at ยูฟ่าเบท

“Ruben Dias is a very important player for us but he is not yet available due to injury issues and I am quite concerned about Ruben Dias’s absence because we need it. Let him come on the field but personally. I’m not too worried. Because there are many defenders to choose from and I’m sure our defensive game will still be strong even without Ruben Dias.