Checklist before playing online slots and 7 things you need to know for online and traditional casinos.

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Playing online slots is not difficult at all. Because there are no complicated strategies to learn like blackjack or video poker. and there is no need to choose between Bets where the dealer has an advantage Different as playing dice

You don’t need to learn how to position the chips to bet on four numbers instead of six. or other sums as in playing roulette

However, with little planning and preparation, This will allow you to make the most of your time playing slots. including money management before playing slots online

A good checklist should include things to do before you enter an online casino. or in the beginning Traveling to an offline casino And it should also include things to do before starting any game.

Let’s take a look at some checklists to do before playing:

Check your budget first.


Whether you play online or offline You probably already have a budget that you are willing to gamble with.

in online casinos That could mean playing from the credits you already have at the casino of your choice. or make a new purchase offline part That means carrying cash or determining how much to withdraw from an ATM.

Either way, it’s a good idea to plan on the budget you’re going to play with. and strictly adhere to that budget If you are in a continuous losing streak and your losses are approaching your budget limit for the day. You should reduce the size of your bet and consider that you should stop playing for the day.

One thing you shouldn’t do is take a credit card cash advance to use for your play. You’re giving the dealer an edge. Therefore, paying credit card interest rates is even more difficult to make profits.

Bet with money that you can afford and from the budget set aside for your entertainment. and enjoy the victory when it comes But also make sure that the loss does not affect the necessities of life.

Choose a slot game that fits your playing personality.


The era of online slots and video slots has opened up more ways to play that slot lovers can choose to play different types of games.

progressive jackpot Bonus for choosing a prize and free spins bonus These are the most popular features online and in video slots.

There are also traditional three-reel slots with no special bonuses. Which is still available to play for those who like to win from spinning the wheel.

But not every game fits every player’s personality.

  • Three reels slots without bonuses are the most volatile. This gives you a good chance of winning big prizes. while there is the highest risk of burning your betting budget quickly.
  • Progressive slots enthusiasts should also understand that Players earn lower returns on base games than other non-progressive games. A portion of each bet is allocated as a progressive jackpot prize. Therefore, the winnings on the reels will be less.
  • Prize selection bonuses usually offer moderate wins, but more often. Most of them are fun and entertaining rather than fluctuating wins and losses.
  • The free spins bonus has a higher volatility than the selection reward bonus. and have a greater chance of winning But it is possible to win nothing from this free spins bonus.

Online slots also offer a wide variety of bonuses such as spin wheel bonuses. And some games have different types of bonuses. But you can start the fun right away if you come across your favorite way of playing and start. Find a game that meets your needs.

 Check the minimum and maximum bet limits. Including whether you can choose the number of lines / payout lines or not.


The first thing to know is Are you going to play the game at a minimum of 1 baht? or minimum starting at 5 baht, 10 baht, 30 baht or more, less than that or in the meantime

The size of your bet will vary greatly if you wager £1 per time as opposed to £30.

But that’s just the beginning. The next thing you need to know is How many paylines does the game have? How many coins can you bet per payline? And you have the option to play less than the maximum payout line number?

In some casinos there is a single payline on three reel slots, but online slots and video slots There are generally multiple pay lines.

Among the slots today, the typical number of paylines includes 20, 30 and 40, but you can also find games with 50 and even 100 paylines. And that doesn’t include Techniques for winning slots games Where matching symbols on consecutive reels from left to right can create winning combinations.

Most slots will allow you to bet using more than one coin per payline. For example, if there are 40 lines, the minimum payout unit is $1 allows you to bet one, two, three, four or five each. line Thus, activating all pay lines could mean betting 12 baht, 24 baht, 36 baht, 48 baht or 60 baht.

Another thing to keep in mind is Can you bet less than the maximum payout line? For older video slots You can choose to make a single line bet. You can play with only 1 baht by betting only 1 baht on a single payline.

But many games are often referred to as “games”. “Forcing bets” in which to play you have to make bets on all paylines. For example, in a game with 40 lines, 1 baht each, your minimum bet is not 1 baht, but 40 baht, which you can bet as many as you can. Coins in 40 paylines that if you want. But you have to play every line.

Please review all requirements before starting your first bet. What is the minimum unit? How many pay lines are there? How many baht can you bet per line? Do you have to bet on all paylines?

Once you have all the information in place You can then choose the amount to bet that fits your budget.

Make sure you choose a betting limit. and does not select the player who played before you


This is not an online issue. but is offline A person who has just walked out of the machine you are about to play in may have made a very different bet than you intended.

If you put your money in the machine and press the spin wheel or bet button repeatedly without choosing your own bet size. You may find yourself betting more than you intended. Or you may bet less than you want. And on some machines, you may leave the payment line open.

In many cases the player misses the jackpot. This is because winning combinations occur on paylines that were not activated by the previous player. Are you going to start playing on your preferred terms?

Read the menu, how to play or other information to see how the bonus will work.


At least half the fun in online slots and video slots will come from bonus events. And part of the fun is the anticipation of upcoming bonuses.

But your hopes will not come true. If you don’t know How will the bonus be generated ?

Should you join the bonus event if three matching bonus symbols land on the same pay line?

Or you get the bonus even if the bonus symbols are not on the same line?

And there are also wild cards: you can get bonuses with mysterious triggers. where the machine can surprise you without any bonus symbols as a trigger.

And there are wildcards: You can get bonus events with mysterious triggers where the machine surprises you without any bonus symbols as triggers. 

for general casinos Don’t forget to include your player’s loyalty card.


for online players Logging in to the system already has many promotions, but if you go to a casino near Thailand , don’t forget to ask for your loyalty card first and then go play.

Importantly, do not make additional bets beyond your budget just to accumulate points. But take full advantage of what the casino has to offer. Use the card to its fullest advantage. If you interested membership with us UFABET