10 ways to cheat on slot machines that rocked the casino industry in the past

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As long as there is a slot machine There must be people who are constantly trying to cheat. Slot machine cheating became a hot topic in 2022 when a team of Russian engineers tried to use hi-tech hacks to win slots. While there are some players who still cheat in a homely way by dropping a coin with a thread and pulling it back after the mechanics work.

This method of cheating is cheating in casinos, as for cheating in online slots games. Requires random number generator program data. By cheating slot machines have to decode algorithms. And it can also determine when to win the prize.


but how Cheating is illegal anyway , and most scams no longer work. Because slot machines also have additional protection against cheating. There are serious cheating laws. But in Thailand gambling is illegal anyway.

So, don’t even think about trying the following cheat methods. We will discuss cheats from simple methods to using technology to cheat.

Slot Cheat Method 1: Coins that are drilled and threaded


This method is considered the most technologically distant scam. The method is to tie a thread to the coin and insert the coin into the machine. When the coin is dropped into the mechanism of the machine and the spinning machine. The person who cheats will pull out the coin for the next use.

In their 1988 book “Slot Machine Mania,” Dwight and Louise Crevelt described a problematic playing video poker game. And speaking of the slot machines where they found the punched and threaded coins.

The player before them used that threaded coin to play the slot machine and quit after playing it.

This method of cheating and many others that will be discussed in the next. Section can be used to cheat only with machines that require coin to play. But lately, there are more and more games that don’t require coins to play, causing these methods to lag behind.

But old cabinet games are still available in some casinos. Therefore, the game that requires coin to play has not disappeared at all.

Slot Cheat Method 2: Metal Plates and Foreign Coins


In the 1980s, a hardware company in Nevada sold washers that incidentally were about the size and weight of a US dollar. People who want to gamble on slot machines are therefore widely used and this plaque is found in slot machines all over the United States.
Coins from other countries are sometimes used to play slots at prices that are lower than the actual price of the game machine. The Mexican Peso coin issued in 1985 is only half the value of American coins. But it’s actually only 25 cents worth of US slot machines and other game machines.

Various non-US coins that were used by players to cheat were found in each arcade at different times. Players use these coins or plaques whenever they have the opportunity to win the full prize for a few baht.

The new version of the arcade will not accept these fake coins. This is like cheating using counterfeit banknotes. The casino is well aware that this kind of cheating takes place. Therefore, we work with manufacturers to detect counterfeit banknotes to ensure that it is a legal payment before crediting players.

Slot Cheat Method 3: Spoon-like Tools

In the old days when tickets were paid by printers. Before there was a coin payout cone. Slot machines used to use pipes and insert coins into it to pay the player winning bets.
The slide under the tube will slide to open and close the way for the coin to come off when winning bets are paid. Cheaters use a spoon-like tool to hold the slide and then replace the number of coins that fall out for the amount they play. All the coins fell out of the pipe.

Slot Cheat Method 4: Carrying a Bag of Coins


This method is not for gamblers, but rather a scam technique used by casino employees. to cheat on the slot machine And if caught, of course, must be fired and prosecuted.

All game machines that require coins to play must also be replenished with coins. And to fill the coin vat full, you need to carry a bag with a lot of coins.

Pouring coins from the bag into the bucket The pourer will hold a coin or two with his hand in the corner of the bag. The money poured into the coin hopper may not be complete. But the employee will take the money that has been clamped home.

In a day, employees have to top up coins several times. Therefore, it is not unusual for some employees to cheat casino money in this way.

Slot Cheat Method 5: Magnetic Field


Today’s game cabinets can be shielded from external magnetic fields. But slot machines in the 1960s and 1970s were untenable.

in some slot machines If exposed to a strong magnetic field may cause the wheel to spin freely and not stop as specified When the reels spin reaches the winning combination. The player then removes the magnet. and then claim the prize money according to the results issued

Nowadays, not only slot machines have magnetic shields. But slot machine payouts are not determined by what you see on the reels. They are also determined by a random number generator.

If the wheel spins and hits the jackpot combination but you don’t win. can notify the staff to check Employees will be able to check where the random number generator has stopped. And if the random number generator doesn’t hit the jackpot combination. You will not receive money from the casino.

Slot Cheat Method 6: Get Inside the Machine

People who tried to cheat on the Big Bertha slot machines in Nevada were arrested in the 1990s after attempts to cheat on slot machines that were taller and wider than those located at large casinos.

Players gathered to hide what was going on. The slot machine door was partially opened and a woman climbed into the machine. After she spins the wheel in position to win the prize. She then came back and closed the door of the slot machine.

A passerby may not notice any abnormalities. But the security guards caught the cheating player and handed it over to the police.

Slot Cheat Method 7: Monkey’s Paw (THE MONKEY PAW)

Monkey’s Paws, one of several cheating tools developed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, will allow cheaters to access slot machine payout mechanisms and earn their winnings without losing their bets.

Carmichael was famous for inventing a way to cheat on slot machines for almost 40 years before he served a prison sentence and two houses were seized by the government. Instead, he turned to help stop cheaters and worked with the Nevada Gaming Commission to develop “The Protector,” which blocks cheat devices that are inserted into the machine.

Monkey’s paws are made from guitar strings attached to a metal rod and run through the vents with microswitches to trigger payouts.

Slot Cheat Method 8: Small LIGHT WAND (THE LIGHT WAND)

Another of Carmichael’s inventions was a small wooden stick with lights. It was adapted after slot manufacturers started using random number generators in all electric slot machines.

instead of turning off the visible switch This lighted stick is designed to turn off the electronic sensor. The machine will still work in normal payment. But the light will cause the sensor mechanism to start paying the reward.

Carmichael is also the inventor of the upper-lower joint. Which was used before, either monkey paws or a small wooden stick with fire again The top is a metal rod bent at one end and the bottom is a long wire. The cheating player will turn the bottom up to interrupt the coin slot pipe. and then it will cause the mechanism to start paying out rewards.

Top-bottom joints peaked in popularity in the early 1980s, before casinos introduced protection systems, leading Carmichael to invent monkey paws and light sticks.

How to cheat slots 9:Engineering for Fraud


The Nevada Gaming Commission hires Ronald Dale Harris, who is an engineer and works on electronic gaming device monitoring and tracking systems.

from this work Make him know the source code of the slot machine. So he took advantage of this information to cheat. Harris was arrested in New Jersey in 1995 for cheating using the inside of a basic slot machine’s computer program that earned him $100,000 on a Keno video slot.

Slot Cheat Method 10: Random Number Generator (RNG) Hack

even though we use “Random Number Generator” in Slot Machines But for slot machines in both casinos and online, almost all of them are used. The “pseudo random number generator”
starts with a set of numbers. Then use an algorithm to calculate the numbers. The results are close to the expected randomness, but there is no fixed pattern.

The Russians had been successful in cheating using the inside of their slot machines until their arrest in the United States in 2017. Casino gambling was banned in most of Russia in 2009, and thousands of slot machines were sold.

The St. Petersburg team owns the Aristocrat Mark VI slot machine. They disassembled it and redesigned the reverse RNG to crack the algorithm.

Then they sent the team to the casinos that had these old slot machines. and record the spinning wheel back to St. Petersburg. Once the St. Petersburg team has enough information – they spin the wheel approximately 12 times, they use an algorithm to calculate when the big jackpot winning spins will take place.

Later, his team in the casino will receive information to play that slot machine. when the phone will ring He pressed the spin button. Messages will arrive 0.25 seconds slower as the test results show that the length of time is the time that the casino team will feel the phone beep and press the button.

A team of four casino cheaters in the US states of Missouri and Illinois have been arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud.

Slot machine manufacturers take safety very seriously in the design of their games. But if there is no real randomness in the game It can be difficult to stop a team of smart engineers from cheating as well. If you interested membership with us UFABET